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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth usually emerge between the ages of 17 and 24.

They are the four large molars, one in each corner of your mouth at the very back. Some people never get them, whilst some get them and have no trouble with them, others can experience problems with them.

If there isn’t enough space for them, then that may cause some problems.  They can become impacted and inflamed.  If not treated then infection and soreness can occur.

They can be quite painful!

This often means having them removed as soon as possible to avoid serious issues and to be more comfortable.

We often say that ‘Wisdom teeth are not so wise!’

Some common problems caused by wisdom teeth can include:

Gum disease

It’s always best to have your wisdom tooth assessed by a professional dentist to ensure that all is in good order.

How we do this.

We will determine the best course of treatment for your wisdom teeth, after a thorough assessment and review of your xrays

If we anticipate removal of your wisdom teeth will be straight forward, then we can do this in the clinic (with happy gas if you are nervous). Or, you can have the removals done whilst asleep under general anesthetic at the Mackay Mater Hospital.

If the removal of your wisdom teeth is likely to be more complicated we can arrange a referral to a specialist oral surgeon.

After having your wisdom teeth removed, we will instruct you how to look after the wound and what to do to stay comfortable and to encourage quick healing.

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