White fillings

White fillings or natural coloured tooth fillings are strong and attractive.

If you have some tooth decay that has left you with a cavity then it will need to have a tooth filling.

Tooth filling material has improved significantly!

White fillings certainly look nice and offer you that confidence to smile and laugh.

The old metal amalgam fillings have been replaced by natural coloured tooth fillings which are more attractive and won’t be so noticeable when you smile or laugh.

In filling your tooth, we use layering techniques that create the best strength and appearance of the filling making them unnoticeable as they blend into the shape of your tooth.

If you’re worried about having a filling, just let us know. Your comfort is our priority. It’s important that you won’t feel rushed or feel any discomfort during any of your dental treatment with us.

Are white fillings as good as metal amalgams?

White fillings used to be less long lasting than metal amalgam fillings. Nowadays they are almost as good.  Depending on where the filling is in your mouth and how strongly you bite will determine how long a white filling will last.

Does a white filling cost more?

The cost depends on the size and type of white filling used and the time it takes to complete the treatment. We will give you a clear price prior to you deciding on treatment.

Should I replace my old metal amalgam fillings with white ones?

If your filling needs replacing then you can discuss having a white filling replacement.  It is usually best to change fillings only when they need replacing.

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