Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is needed when the ‘pulp’ of your tooth  is infected through decay or injury. This treatment gets rid of the infected pulp, preventing further infection and protecting the tooth.

An infected tooth may lead to an abscess which may cause an ache or pain.

Without root canal treatment the infection will spread and the tooth may need to be taken out.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

No. Similar to having a filling done a local anaesthetic is used and numbs the area.

It may feel a little tender afterwards but will ease over time. It’s far less painful than having an abscess!

Will my tooth look different after root canal treatment?

Years ago, a root-filled tooth used to darken after treatment but today this does not usually happen. If there is any discolouration, there are several treatments that you can have to restore the natural appearance of the tooth.

What if I choose not to have root canal treatment?

It’s not recommended to leave an infected tooth in the mouth so the only other option is to have the tooth removed instead.  It’s  usually recommended to keep as many natural teeth as possible to help keep the remaining teeth stable and retain the natural line of the jaw.

How do I care for my tooth after root canal treatment?

Clean twice a day just as with your normal teeth,  use a fluoride toothpaste,  keep  sugary foods and drinks to a minimum and have regular dental check-ups.

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