How Do I Get My Child To Brush Their Teeth?

Here are some great tips for getting your child to clean their teeth. We recommended an adult cleans children’s teeth for them until they are 10 years of age.  Here are some tips:

1)    Give them a nice toothbrush with a cartoon character that they like

2)    Use a child friendly flavoured toothpaste

3)    Sing a song, or use a app such as Macleansnurdle time app to watch, while you are cleaning their teeth

4)    Children need an adult to clean their teeth for them until they are 10 years of age, or until they have the dexterity to clean properly themselves

5)    Use a reward charts, where they get stickers or a prize, for brushing

6)    Tell them why it is important and how it will make their mouth ‘feel clean’ and ‘stop decay’ and their teeth will be ‘nice and sparkly’ afterwards

7)    Let them see you cleaning your teeth and let them know how good it makes you feel afterwards

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